Joyflow Yoga Classes / Workshops (Continuing Education Hours offered)

and Other Events:


I am now offering workshops in an expanding variety of locations. If you are part of a yoga studio, healing center, or group of any kind, and would like to host any of the following, please contact me to schedule it. I enjoy offering private sessions over the weekend when I visit as well (see Yoga Therapy page for options).


On calendar so far:

May 20-22 Vending Art at the Bhakti Yoga Festival, Covington LA

May 27-29 Personal Practice for Beginners and Teacher Training, Collinsville MS

June 10-11 Inversions, Columbus MS

June 25 The Experiential Enneagram, McComb MS

June 25 Embracing the Feminine Dance Party, McComb MS

June 26 Restorative Yoga with Singing Bowl Sound Bath, McComb MS

September 24th Vending Art at Wellsfest, Jackson MS

The Experiential Enneagram

My Signature workshop, which can be scheduled for an afternoon, a day, or a full weekend. Learn the Enneagram in a fun and joy-filled way! Lecture and discussion is sprinkled with movement, breath practices and meditation, for each Center, balancing strong body, open heart, and calm mind.

Next up: June 25th, Saturday Afternoon, at Bliss Wellness in McComb MS. for more details and to register.


Gentle / Restorative Practice with Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Perfect for beginners, anyone who wants stress relief and the experience of deep relaxation. 

Next up: June 26th, Sunday Afternoon, at Bliss Wellness in McComb MS. for more details and to register.

Safe Inversions for the Gravity Challenged

If the very word "inversion" strikes fear in your soul, I'm your teacher! I get it. Being upside-down is actually very good for all the systems of your body, IF you do them safely and correctly. This class will cover all the practices you will need to be able to launch right up there with more confidence and skill.

Next up: June 10th, Friday evening, and June 11th, Saturday afternoon at Bliss Yoga in Columbus MS. or  for more details and to register.

Dance Meditation / Laughter Yoga

My background includes Yoga Meets Dance, Dances of Universal Peace, Sacred Circle Dances, Ecstatic Dance and Dance Meditation. Our next event is called Embracing the Feminine, a Dance Party. We will be playing with classical belly dance movements to celebrate, strengthen and heal our relationship with our bodies and our inner-goddess. I'm sure Laughter Yoga will be included.

Next up: June 25th, Saturday Evening, at Bliss Wellness in McComb MS. for more details and to register.

The Eight-Limbed Path

Classic Yoga is based on the Yoga Sutras which outlines the 8-Limbs of Yoga, a blueprint for optimal living and enlightenment or Self-realization. However, the modern yoga practice has come to focus primarily on just the postures, or asanas. This workshop will go through all of the limbs, which include ethical principles, personal observances, breathing techniques and meditation techniques, as well as asana.

Developing Your Personal Practice / Teaching Beginners Skillfully

This workshop will serve two purposes. First, we will cover sequencing and modifications so that anyone, with any limitation, age or ability can find the variation of posture that is the most effective and safe. Yoga teachers will be able to hone their teaching skills with actual beginners with my guidance. Second, we will support all participants, both beginners, those with more experience, AND teachers, to develop a customized personal practice.

Next up: May 27th - 29th, Times have not been established yet, at The Land in Collinsville, MS. or contact Cindy 601-480-1686 for more details and to register.

Other offerings may be concocted from the stew of my experience. Let's toss some ideas around and I will bring it!